lundi 28 janvier 2008

White Jazz

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Piercing The Veil a dit…

it protrays a jazz music ... vague ... disoriented but can be viewed as a whole thanks for your comment at my blog can i include you on my blog link? I have been going to some other art blogs to and have been my friends to now..
just tell me ok

gud night

paintblack a dit…

ok /anto
has soon

Piercing The Veil a dit…

ok laurent i was just waiting for your approval... by the way you have a french poem translated in english? still haave a couple of drawing i need to pair with poem

gud evening

Pinux a dit…

Chet Baker ? Non, plutôt James Chance (ou James White) celui avec les Contortions... En tout cas, un musicien New Yorkais de la poudre blanche plein les narines. On dirait même qu'il va décoller droit vers le ciel... Mieux : straight to hell !

paintblack a dit…

Yes pinux, le tout chapeauté par Monsieur James Ellroy (of course).